The Philippine Map Collectors Society (PHIMCOS) was established in 2007 by a small group of enthusiasts in Manila for collectors of antique maps and prints in the Philippines. Membership of the society, is open to anyone interested in collecting, analysing or appreciating historical maps, charts, prints, paintings, photographs, postcards and books of the Philippines.

PHIMCOS, a non-stock, non-profit organization, is committed to disseminating its members’ enthusiasm for maps and prints, and to educating the public about the importance of cartography.

PHIMCOS holds quarterly general meetings, at which there are two or three presentations on maps, cartographers, and relevant Philippine history. Members and guests also discuss cartographic news, show each other new acquisitions and other items of interest, and are informed of administrative matters (decided at separate meetings of the board of trustees).


A major focus for PHIMCOS is the arrangement of exhibitions, lectures and other events designed to educate the public about the importance of cartography as a way of learning both the geography and the history of the Philippines. The society and its members have sponsored and provided the material for a series of exhibitions arranged in partnership with major museums in Manila. In conjunction with the exhibitions, PHIMCOS and the host museum also arrange guided tours, school visits, and lectures on related topics given by well-known experts and scholars.

Educational Activities

PHIMCOS also works with Philippine and international museums, libraries and universities in the Philippines to provide cartographic education, assistance in identifying maps held in their collections, and advice on the restoration and archival storage of antique maps and prints. PHIMCOS also corresponds with and/or arranges visits to local and international institutions.

An activity about which PHIMCOS is particularly proud is its Roving Exhibition Program, designed to increase public awareness of cartography. In events organized in different schools and universities around the country, students and their professors can see reproductions of important maps of Southeast Asia and the Philippines dating from 1525 to 1898, accompanied by important related historical information.


PHIMCOS welcomes new members. Please contact us for more information.


22 May 2024
Presentation and Show and Tell
"Mapping the Barretto Family Migration: From Goa to Maloma" by Miko David and "Archive of U.S. Army reports on the liberation of the Philippines in 1944-45" by Peter Geldart
21 February 2024
Annual Membership Meeting and Presentations
"Mapping Sarangani Islands" by Ian Christopher B. Alfonso and "Searching for Billie" by Ian Gill
18 October 2023
Meeting and Presentations

"Italian Missionaries in the Philippines" by Daniele Quaggiotto and "DAUNTLESS: the untold story of the US Army’s 1st and 2nd Filipino Infantry Regiment" by Marie Silva Vallejo

16 August 2023
Meeting and Presentation/Demonstration

"Towards Mapping Marginalization" by Marian Pastor Roces and "Restoring Old Maps in the Philippines" by Eddie Jose

19 July 2023
Annual Membership Meeting and Presentation
"The Human Element in Alejandro Cacho’s Missionary Maps" by Mark Dizon
22 February 2023
Meeting and Webinar

"Zamboanga: From Garrison Settlement to Latin, American Colonial City" by Felice Noelle Rodriguez

28 October 2022

"The Sabah Dispute: the Historical Context and the Recent Court Decisions" by Atty. Jose Iribani Lorena

14 September 2022

"In search of the Spice Islands: Spain and the Moluccas (1521 – 1667)" by Jorge Mojarro

10 August 2022

"You are Our Pals": Japanese propaganda leaflets and posters in the Philippines during World War II by Ricardo Trota Jose, PhD

23 June 2022

John Bach: cartographer, collector and historian of maps of the Philippines by Peter Geldart and Albert Montilla

12 June 2022
Exhibition Opening

Official opening of Map to Freedom at the Gateway Gallery, Araneta City; co-sponsored by PHIMCOS

25 May 2022
Presentation and Webinar

From Sugbu to Cebu – A Cartographic View of Cebu City from the 16th to the 20th Centuries by Margarita Villalon Binamira

27 April 2022
Annual Membership Meeting and Webinar

An Analysis of Historical Evidence on the Cordillera Gold Trade: Palimpsests of Archival Maps, Historical Accounts, Oral Tradition and Geographic Information Systems  by Dr. Michael Armand Canilao

22 February 2022

Las Cuatro Partes del Mundo as Women Images from a Bohol Sacristy to Maps of the World by Ino Manalo

13 October 2021

Mapping Zamboanga by Dr. Felice Noelle Rodriguez

07 October 2021

Sinauna nga Isla it Panay: fascinating facts about Northern Panay maps from the 16th to the 19th centuries by Raphael Lotilla

18 August 2021

Lost Waterways: How Historical Maps Reveal Flooding and Liquefaction Hazards by Dr. Maricor Soriano

15 July 2021

Panay and the Mapping of the Philippine Peripheries by Raphael Lotilla

09 June 2021

Memije’s Aspecto Symbolico: Unpacking a Masterpiece of Philippine Cartography by Dr. Ricardo Padron, University of Virginia

07 April 2021

A Warrior's Armament and Ornament by Edwin R. Bautista

24 Feb 2021

Forgotten renderings of the Philippines in Portuguese cartography of the 16th century by Miguel Rodrigues Lourenço, Universidade NOVA de Lisboa

27 Jan 2021

Maps, Views and Everything Else: The Topographical Collection of George III by Tom Harper, Lead Curator of Antiquarian Mapping, British Library

02 Sep 2020

Occupation and Victory - The Philippines in World War II Exhibition by John Silva, Ortigas Foundation Library

12 Mar 2020
Exhibition Opening

Official opening of Occupation and Victory - The Philippines in World War II at the Ortigas Foundation Library; co-sponsored by PHIMCOS, the exhibition closed the following day

The Battle of Manila: Tragic End of Three Years of Japanese Occupation by Ricardo Trota Jose, University of the Philippines, Diliman

12 Feb 2020
General Meeting

Sweet Sixteen: Celebrating Life in 1945 Manila by Andoni Aboitiz

The Downing of a B-24 Bomber Over Manila, January 8, 1945 by Alberto Montilla

“Crushed Jewels” - A Look into the Japanese Side of the Battle of Manila 1945 by Ricardo Trota Jose, University of the Philippines, Diliman

18 Jan 2020
Library Visit

Visit to the American Historical Collection at Ateneo de Manila University, Loyola Heights

13 Nov 2019
General Meeting

The Map that Never Was: Alexander Dalrymple’s Chart of the Philipinas by Peter Geldart

PHIMCOS en España – Archivos, Mapas y Tapas by Maria Paz K. Fabella

The Indigenous Intermediary in Dampier’s and Forrest’s Travel Accounts on Mindanao by Anna Melinda Testa-de Ocampo, University of the Philippines, Diliman

21-29 Sep 2019
PHIMCOS Tour of Spain

Visits included the Museo Oriental in Valladolid; the Museo Nacional de Antropología, La Casa del Mapa, the Archivo Topográfico del Instituto Geográfico Nacional, the Archivo Franciscano Ibero-Oriental, the Museo Naval, the Archivo del Museo Naval, and the Biblioteca Nacional de España in Madrid; the Archivo General de Indias in Sevilla; and the Biblioteca Nacional de Catalunya, the Museu Nacional d’Art de Catalunya, and the Museu Maritím in Barcelona.

14 Aug 2019
General Meeting

The Upside-down 1554 Ramusio Map of Southeast Asia by John Silva

Croquis de la Isla de Mindanao by Christian Perez

Nomadic Papua by Richard Jackson

29 May 2019
General Meeting

A Glimpse into the Use of Maps as Aids in Food History Research by Felice Sta. Maria

Expedición a Joló 1876, Bocetos Del Cronista Del Diario De Manila by Jaime C. González

27 Feb 2019
General Meeting

The Philippine Place in Nusantaria by Philip Bowring, author of Empire of the Winds: The Global Role of Asia’s Great Archipelago

Baguio - The City of Pines: Early maps, plans and views by Jonathan Wattis

07 Nov 2018
General Meeting

Bosquejo Geológico de Panay: A Look at the Past and Present Topography and Natural Resources of Panay by Efren Carandang, Deputy Administrator, NAMRIA

August Borget (1809-1877) French Artist and Traveller: His visit to Manila in July 1839 and the Parancillo Bridge by Robin Bridge

14-17 Oct 2018
IMCoS Symposium

36th International Map Collectors’ Society (IMCoS) Symposium – Manila 2018

Organized by Rudolf Lietz at the Ayala Museum with PHIMCOS’s support, the symposium included 11 talks, an exhibition, and visits to the University of Santo Tomas and the Ortigas Foundation Library

15 Aug 2018
General Meeting

The Summer of Love … for Maps: the PHIMCOS London Tour 2018 by Andoni Aboitiz

Topographia dela Ciudad de Manila by Antonio Fernandez de Roxas by Jaime C. Laya

6-10 Jun 2018
PHIMCOS Tour of the U.K.

Visits to the Bodleian Library in Oxford and, in London, the Natural History Museum Library, the British Library, and the National Maritime Museum

30 May 2018
General Meeting

British Naval Actions and Surveys in the Philippines During the French Revolutionary and Napoleonic Wars by Peter Geldart and Christian Perez

Earthquakes and Calamities through Old Colonial Books and Maps (1645-1830) by Jorge Mojarro

24 May 2018

Dinner hosted by PHIMCOS for Tom Harper, Lead Curator of Antiquarian Mapping, British Library

The History of Cartography in the Philippines: Maps in the British Library by Tom Harper

21 Feb 2018
General Meeting

Illusions, Confusions and Delusions – the mythical island of St. John by Margarita V. Binamira

An Introduction to Enrique Abella y Casariego’s Mapping of Panay by Raphael P.M. Lotilla

Two manuscript U.S. Army Maps of campaigns during the Moro Rebellion in 1903 by Peter Geldart

24 Oct 2017
General Meeting

Intramuros After the 1863 Earthquake by Jaime C. Laya and Alfredo Roca

The Charting of Palawan by Vincent S. Pérez

Documentary video on Carlos Quirino, the biographer, historian and author of Philippine Cartography, presented by his son Ritchie Quirino

23 Aug 2017
General Meeting

The Collecting Life of Alfonso T. Ongpin by Lisa Ongpin Periquet

The Charting of Tubbataha by Peter Geldart

Tubbataha, A National Treasure by Marissa Floirendo (publisher), Ma. Teresa “Tet” Lara (photographer), and Angelique Songco, Superintendent of the Tubbataha Reefs Natural Park

30 May 2017
General Meeting

Benham Rise: Mapping and Claiming the Unseen by Dr. Jay Batongbacal, Director of the UP Institute for Maritime Affairs and Law of the Sea (IMLOS)

Panel discussion on The Quarter-Size Maps of Pedro Murillo Velarde led by F. William L. Villareal, Chairman of the Philippine Numismatic and Antiquarian Society (PNAS), Alberto Montilla and Carlos Madrid

14 Mar 2017
Exhibition Opening

Official opening of Mapping the Philippine Seas at the Metropolitan Museum of Manila; the exhibition ran until 31 May, 2017

Guests of Honor: Vice Admiral Ronald Joseph S. Mercado, Flag Officer in Command (FOIC) of the Philippine Navy and Ms. Florentina P. Colayco, President of the Metropolitan Museum of Manila

22 Feb 2017
General Meeting

Glimpses into Laguna's History from 900 AD by Emmanuel Ticzon

Bungling Geographers: Alexander Dalrymple and the Solomon Islands by Richard Jackson

Family Planning and Asset Protection by Bank Julius Baer

09 Nov 2016
General Meeting

Copyright Issues for Antique Prints and Maps by Rudolf Lietz

The Topographical Collection of King George III at the British Library by Jaime C. González

A New and Correct Chart of the Coast of China by Mount & Page by Peter Geldart

24 Aug 2016
General Meeting

The Final Arbitral Award by the Permanent Court of Arbitration in the South China Sea Arbitration instituted by the Republic of the Philippines against the People’s Republic of China by Justice Antonio T. Carpio

18 May 2016
General Meeting

The Philippine Islands through the eyes of Fr. Pedro Murillo Velarde, Francisco Diaz Romero and Antonio Ghandia by Alfredo Roca

10 Feb 2016
General Meeting

A Venetian in the Visayas: Antonio Pigafetta Maps the Islands by Margarita V. Binamira

Rhubarb and the European Mapping of Central Asia – From Munster to the Present by Richard Jackson

11 Nov 2015
General Meeting

The Restoration of a 1788 Murillo Velarde Map by Alberto Montilla & Christian Perez

A Blast from the Philippine Past: Maps, Territorial Title and the Island of Palmas Case by Raphael P.M. Lotilla

Buying the Duke of Northumberland’s Murillo Velarde Map by Mel Velasco Velarde

12 Aug 2015
General Meeting

The Naming and Mapping of the Batanes Island by Christian Perez and Peter Geldart

13 May 2015
General Meeting

Hidden Treasures in the Maps of Francisco Coello by Carlos Madrid

Nicolas de Fer’s Les Isles Philippines, Molucques et de La Sonde by Hans Sicat

29 Apr 2015
Exhibition Opening

Official opening of The First Philippine Republic & the United States: 1898–1907 at the Yuchengco Museum; the exhibition ran until 9 July, 2015

Guests of Honor: H.E. Philip S. Goldberg, United States Ambassador to the Philippines, and Jeannie Javelosa, Curator of the Yuchengco Museum

9 Mar 2015
General Meeting
The Treaty of Paris Map by Rudolf Lietz


Mariano M. Cacho, Jr., Chairman Emeritus

Jaime C. González, President

Lisa Ongpin Periquet, Vice President

Margarita V. Binamira, Secretary

Hans B. Sicat, Treasurer

Andoni F. Aboitiz

Edwin R. Bautista

Jan Mikael David

Peter Geldart

Felice Noelle Rodriguez


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