PHIMCOS aims to educate the public about the importance of cartography as a way of learning both the geography and the history of the Philippines. To this end, the society and its members have sponsored and provided the material for a series of exhibitions arranged in partnership with major museums in Manila.

PHIMCOS’s Roving Exhibition Program is designed to increase public awareness of cartography. In events organized in different schools and universities around the country, students and their professors can see reproductions of important maps of Southeast Asia and the Philippines dating from 1525 to 1898, accompanied by important related historical information. Many viewers of the Roving Exhibition are thus able to improve their knowledge of the geography of the Philippine archipelago while gaining a better insight into their country’s history

PHIMCOS arranges special trips to other institutions to see and learn more about important maps and other historical material relevant to the Philippines. Members have visited various locations in Manila, Singapore, Hong Kong, the United Kingdom, and Spain, among others.

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